The brave will shave

When it comes to fantastic causes that really make a difference, our team loves to help however possible. We especially love when we can expand our reach to help not only locally, but nationally. When we first heard about St. Baldrick’s cancer research for kids, we knew immediately we wanted to get involved.

We knew immediately we wanted to get involved.

The St. Baldrick’s foundation is a volunteer and donor powered charity committed to supporting the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers. As a private charity, they don’t receive any money from the government. Funding for the foundation 100% comes from donations by extraordinary people like you. St. Baldrick’s takes great care of your dollars and invests wisely because they know kids’ lives are at stake. Since 2005, they’ve invested over $282 million in childhood cancer research grants worldwide – and will not stop until all ideas, both big and small, are explored to find a cure for kids with cancer.

Here’s how to help

As a salon team, the St. Baldrick’s foundation allows us to help in tremendous ways. To be a part of this movement with us, you can donate to our group drive (100% of proceeds will go to St. Baldrick’s) or become a shavee. During the month of March, our stylists will assist in the shaving process. Having us there with you ensures an even result while we assist in preserving hair long enough for wig donations. Before and after photos posted to our social media will raise awareness for St. Baldrick’s events with the hope of getting even more brave people in our Raleigh community to shave or donate. These pictures will also result in a discount toward your next hair service at DCS as a personal thank you from us.

The following video is a story that especially touches our hearts. Katelyn is an inspiring 10 year old who was brave enough to shave her head while raising thousands for cancer research for kids after her friend Emily was diagnosed. For even more ways to help, visit the St. Baldrick’s website and get involved.

Our group can raise awareness with your donations! Click here to donate.

10-year-old Katelyn shaves her head for kids with cancer from St. Baldrick's Foundation on Vimeo.