Just beyond the entrance to Douglas Carroll Salon, Jbát Boutique grants access to a meticulously curated collection of fashion.  Each piece is hand selected by Patricia David – whose love of fashion can be felt in the fabrics, and her creative eye can be seen across racks of infallible taste.  After shopping at Jbát and discovering piece after piece slipping into the “keep” pile, we wanted to dive a little deeper to learn more about what it is that makes Jbát so special.  We had a chat with Patricia to ask her a few pointed questions trying to crack her secrets, and we found some pretty interesting details behind how Jbát is becoming a staple for shopping in North Raleigh.

When Patricia sits down to talk, there’s immediately a noticeable air of polish.  Sure, it probably helps that her husband and sons are wildly talented hair stylists (and that she can pull rank to squeeze in for appointments on their filled-to-the-max books), but it goes above hair and makeup.  She is one of those people that has everything put together in a way so effortless you have to wonder what magic her closet has that yours doesn’t that can make a simple shirt, pants, and heels come together in such a way.  She’s warm and inviting and we can tell that curating Jbát is one of her favorite topics since she lights up when we begin. 

Why shop at a boutique over a retailer?

PD: When you shop at a big name store, you see a selection that was chosen because it works best for most people nationally.  When you shop locally, you are gaining a hand-picked selection that drips with the unique culture of Raleigh.  We get to mix the high-end feeling of the New York markets we visit, with the charm of this southern city of oaks.  It results in pieces you can’t find anywhere else. Our selection is smaller than a major retailer, but that just means it’s more refined with room for each piece to be high-quality.  We have the flexibility to turn over our stock more often to keep up with fast moving trends. We don’t need to push out a huge stock of winter pieces in the summer to turn a gigantic and slow inventory – we have the pieces you need now, well, now.

We also love the relationships we get to build.  We can provide a personal experience you just can’t receive at a major retailer.  We are there with you for every event, we learn how your personal taste meshes with our style, plus you have direct access to us to tell us your suggestions and put your influence into our purchasing decisions.  It’s really like helping us build a perfectly tailored closet away from home.

“It’s really like helping us build a perfectly tailored closet away from home.”

Where did the name Jbát come from? 

PD: We wanted a name that was uncommon and memorable.  I also knew I wanted to pull the name from something that I was not only inspired by, but love the most in the world.  The name Jbát is actually created from the first letter of each of my son’s names. We lucked out with the fact that they sound pretty catchy and interesting when mixed together. 

Who is your fashion inspiration? 

PD: Coco Chanel.  Hands down. The signature little black dress?  The fact that she turned her skill of sewing into a major fashion empire?  So inspiring. She is my icon for being able to make fashion look so chic yet so uncomplicated.

What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

PD: We are entering an incredibly fun and fearless time for fashion.  The 20’s are upon us and I am really excited about mixing in print, color, texture, and beading.  Wearing something that sparks a little excitement is one of the major reasons why people stop me to ask what I’m wearing.  Being asked “Where did you get that?” is still such a thrill, and I am humbled everytime I get to say “Jbát” and explain that it’s a curation of my very own.

How do you decide which designers to add to Jbát?

PD: When I am at market in New York, I look for brands that are innovative yet progressive and classic. I love young designers with new ideas for pieces that are wearable years from now.  I try to take the feeling you get from walking around the streets of New York, from people who have that quality where they are pushing the limit of the things you grab to “just throw on” and turning it up with an edge of – I’m not sure if I can put my finger on exactly the word – maybe it’s adventure? Drama? Emotion? I know it in my bones the moment I see it, and I think that’s what makes the clothes curated at Jbát successful and timeless. 

What is your favorite quote? 

PD: “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack”- Coco Chanel.  I get up each day and just make it happen, just like my icon who had a way with both fashion and words alike. 

What is one thing that we would be surprised to know about you?

PD: I’m sure that everyone would be surprised to hear that I can get dressed and ready to go in five minutes.  Most people would assume that any semblance of elegance has to take time, but this is exactly what I am trying to bring to my local shoppers – closets full of your favorite things, ready to be worn and give you that boost needed for the day that you can’t get from coffee.  You can only get it from feeling great about the clothes you’re wearing. 

The future of Jbát is exciting.  Patricia lets us know that boutique shopping has exploded in popularity in the last few years.  Shoppers now want to make sure that when they do go out there to find the perfect piece, they are also receiving the whole experience –  a place where they know they are going to be taken care of impeccably. The secret is out of the bag on Jbát, and we couldn’t be happier about it.