We’d like to think keeping your look fresh and exciting happens over the course of a journey. The DCS Points Program is our way to help give thanks for allowing us to be your guide through the refinement, balance, and renewal of you.

We kept our points program easy to follow and simple to redeem. Earn one point for every dollar spent at either location. The more points saved, the bigger the discount earned. Check out our current points offerings below and start redeeming!

  • 150 points earns $5 off Products
  • 300 points earns $10 off Services
  • 500 points earns $20 off Products
  • 750 points earns $25 off Services
  • 1000 points earns $50 off Services & 25% off Products

Do my points expire?

No, points do not expire and can be redeemed anytime.

Can I share my points with a friend?

While points cannot be shared, you can help friends and yourself score points by making sure they use your name as their referral.

Can points be used in combination with gift cards?

Yes, we can split your transaction to redeem points along with a giftcard.

Can I redeem my points at JBAT Boutique?

Yes! We encourage using the points accumulated through receiving services to unlock discounts in our boutique.