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There is still so much we can do to help our friends devastated by Hurricane Dorian. Join us on a mission to send powerful life saving water filters to the Bahamas.

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Our Progress

Douglas Carroll Filter Donations
/ 300
filters donated
to date
Douglas Carroll Filter Donations

Gallons of Water Donated

100,000 gallons of clean water from each filter

Douglas Carroll Filter Donations

Plastic Bottles Saved

Based on 16.9oz plastic water bottle

Douglas Carroll Filter Donations

Donated from DCS

We donate one filter for every four filters purchased

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Why We Chose

The moment we heard about the devastation in the Bahamas from Hurricane Dorian, we knew we had to help. Our first thought was to get clean water to people in need. We began with an idea to send bottled water, but there were too many environmental obstacles. We didn’t want to send that much plastic, the shipments were heavy, & the bottles only provided a single use of water. Enter Sawyer water filters - a literal savior.

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Help Us Hit Our Goal

We partnered with Sawyer to get an incredible discount plus access to deliver 100,000 gallons of water per filter. Each filter costs $16 - and for every four filters purchased, we will donate one too. Together we can send virtually unlimited access to clean water using the natural bodies of water already in the Bahamas. Please join us in our movement for access to clean water for all.

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