A look into why we are a leader in cutting techniques, innovative styling, and makeover genius.

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Douglas & Patricia

A huge thank you to our guests - for trusting our talent to bring out all the beautiful parts about you, for working with our team to give them the profound gift of experience which allows their expertise to blossom beyond measure, and for your thoughtful suggestions that create our tailored atmosphere. We are listening, we are grateful, and we value our future together.

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Our Background

Shown in countless fashion and modern salon magazines, awarded as one of the top 10 most published salons in America, and chosen as one of Salon Today’s Top 200 Salons, there is something special about Douglas Carroll Salons - and you can feel it the moment you step foot into a DCS location.

Our environment is constructed from much more than clean and modern decor. The ambience of where we practice begins with a culture of education and teamwork that soaks deeper into the surroundings than any interior design. Douglas David began creating standards of precision and creativity when he began this business over 30 years ago. While new techniques are developed and technology updates our processes, the team is constantly aware of the simple principles he started that move us forward - to provide legendary service, to treat each guest as if they are the only guest, and to continually be both tutor and protege to share skills and master talents of those around you. We evolve by handing down our secrets from one person to the next, working as one homogenous and wildly capable organization. We know our craft is a living organism that remains in a perpetual state of nurturing.

The ambience of where we practice begins with a culture of education and teamwork that soaks deeper into the surroundings than any interior design.

Douglas is known for his cutting techniques, innovative styling, and makeover genius, and he passes this along to his team through a 12 - 18 month training program. His precise attention to detail can also be seen by the carefully selected supporting products chosen through testing and measured for success before ever being displayed to our guests. Our recommendations are driven by the education of only our best tried-and-true products. Each team member is intensely aware of the capabilities of the products in our product suite, and are able to give full demonstrations during your visit.

We secure our future by giving back to our community, and we give back whenever possible through donation services, cut-a-thons, and charitable work. We come together in times of hope, times of despair, and when we feel we need to be an example to our neighborhoods. Giving back makes us strive to be the best we can at we we do - use our creative energy and passion to be an inspiration, and to inspire.

We look forward to your next visit, and appreciate the unique point of view you bring - it helps tremendously in our evolution as a leader in this space.

Est. 1990

North Raleigh

Where it all began - a gorgeous space filled with our favorite things. Take on a whole new look while watching the magic happen at our color bar, browse our product suite, receive an exquisite massage or facial just steps away in our spa oasis. Located in conveniently in North Raleigh in the hub of Sutton Square.

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Our Space

Jbát Boutique

Just beyond the entrance to Douglas Carroll Salon, JBAT Boutique grants access to a meticulously curated collection of our favorite fashion. Once inside, our personal stylists will help provide a selection of items as if they were tailored just for you.

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Let’s Play with Makeup

Allow us to show you around our bright, luxurious, & eco-friendly makeup products to add polish to an already delightful appointment.

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Welcome Back!

We're so excited to see you again!

We have our personal protection equipment ready, we have our safety protocols practiced to perfection, and we are excited to welcome back guests both new and current to our immaculate & socially distant space.

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